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Joe navigates clients and team members through the ideation, prototyping, and testing phases of the eSolve design process. After studying engineering and math/science education at the University of Evansville, Joe began teaching inner-city school in Evansville, Indiana. While teaching, he moved from the classroom, into district instruction and technology coaching, working closely alongside classroom teachers and building principals to best implement learning strategies. In 2013, after receiving his Master of Science in Educational Leadership,  Joe founded eSolve Solutions, LLC in an effort to support even more schools in Southwest Central Indiana through strategic design and planning. Since founding, Joe has led the eSolve team into supporting not only regional schools, but also communities, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations nationally in fulfilling their visions. Joe sits on numerous nonprofit boards and steering committees focused on social justice initiative, increasing regional prosperity, and enhancing community strength and health.

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