Founded in 2013, eSolve Solutions was created on the values of listening, human engagement, project commitment, and solution centered design. After participating in various training and improvement processes, the founders realized that there was an extreme need for a group to meet organizations where they are and help them develop meaningful solutions. 


Grounded in the Design Thinking Process the eSolve team has worked with organizations to create solutions to their most complex challenges. At eSolve we believe that listening to those served by the organization is crucial to meeting their needs. Our process has been used to secure millions of grant dollars, create models that address stakeholder needs, and create response based solutions. The work done by the eSolve team has empowered over 85 organizations to meet the needs of over 1,000,000 people.   


Partnering to make a difference.


We believe in empowering individuals and strengthening organizations by partnering with those who are ready, navigating complexity, engaging all stakeholders, and serving as a conduit of growth.