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In 2017, the Lilly Endowment invited school corporations across the state of Indiana to apply for the Lilly Comprehensive Counseling Initiative Grant. This grant provided districts with the opportunity to develop a counseling model that best met the needs of their students. Increasing students' emotional health, preparing students for post-secondary success, and increasing employability are all important components of education; This grant provided much needed funding for schools.


eSolve was contacted by five school districts to assist with the development of their grant proposals. The eSolve team partnered with district leaders to begin the eSolve Design Process.  An inventory of current practices and curriculum audits were utilized to identify gaps. In addition, surveys and focus groups of students, staff, parents, and community members were conducted. The data gathered from these processes were presented to district teams that included leaders, counselors, and teachers. The teams identified their needs based on the conversations facilitated by eSolve.    


Districts identified their specific strengths and needs. These included improved curriculum, a need for additional social workers, professional development in Trauma Informed Care, and graduation coaching. The eSolve team researched solutions for these areas and presented them to the district. “eSolve was pivotal in our grant. They were able to take our stakeholder group through the collaboration process with ease,” explained one of the Assistant Superintendents. 

Learn more about the Lilly Comprehensive Counseling Initiative Grant. 


Learn more about the eSolve Design Process.


Working alongside the district stakeholders, eSolve facilitated the development of multi-tiered, customized models that met the needs of the districts. The grant was highly competitive because it included: 

  • data-based design focused on the needs of students

  • multi-tiered approach of supports to meet the needs of all students 

  • an evaluation model tied to qualitative and quantitative data sources

  • community partnerships that promote sustainability beyond the grant


As a result of the strategic development in each proposal, all of the districts that partnered with eSolve were awarded the grant, collectively receiving over $1.5 million in funds. Through these grants, nearly 17,500 students will be impacted by the updated programming and curriculum. The implementation phase of the grant is being supported by eSolve’s team of specialists, who are focused on troubleshooting and evaluating each district's progress.

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