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In today’s climate, it is crucial that organizations focus on meeting the needs of those they serve while keeping overhead expenses low. The eSolve team engaged in a year-long process of reviewing data, collecting community input, and designing solutions for the most complex challenges. 


The district has experienced a consistent decline in enrollment over the past ten years. Coupling this with a decrease in state funding and increased operations costs, the district was faced with the challenge of how to respond. Reaching out to the eSolve team and explaining the issue was the first step toward a year-long journey. 


View the NLCS Student, Staff, and Faculty Vision created by eSolve. 

Learn more about the eSolve Design Process.

View the stakeholder group overview created by eSolve. 


The eSolve team worked alongside the district leadership team to gather information focused on: 

  • Facilities

  • Student opportunities

  • Staff opportunities 

  • Financials

The first step was to create a stakeholder group that would review data, learn from experts, and develop potential solutions from which for the school board to choose from. This was done while simultaneously crafting a vision for 2020 and beyond. During the sixth-month process, the group met to review data, learn, and discuss their vision for the district. As a result, the team identified proposed solutions that “will ensure that each elementary school has a nurse, counselor, social worker, and other supports to meet their individualized needs.” 


The district leadership proposed solutions to the school board, which were developed during the working group. The school board voted to put the ideas into effect, and eSolve continues to work alongside administrators during the implementation phase.

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